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Electric Bike


I have built a number of electric bikes in the past:

V1: Nissan Almera windscreen wiper motor and switch V2: Hobby BLDC motor, VESC controller and soldered battery V3: Same as V2 with better motor mount and modular battery

My new electric bike is an upgrade to the third version (V4). I am upgrading the motor and compartment for the electronics. The old motor mount broke which pulled the motor into the wheel and broke all the spokes 😬 So I decided to upgrade to a hub motor 😊 The electronics compartment will have a mix of plastic and wood panels.



Buy a new hub motor

Completed 11.8.2020

I bought my hub motor from aliexpress so I could get the best price. There is no need for the full wheel, so I bought the motor by itself. It cost about €137.28 for a 48V 1500W motor. Motor arrived on 11th September.

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Test hub motor

Completed 15.9.2020

All of the electronics are setup, so it's a matter of just plugging everything and seeing how well it works.


Scavenge old wheels for parts

Completed 14.8.2020

I have two old rear wheels, one of which was destroyed by the last motor, the other has a bent rim. I can use parts from both of these to build a new wheel around the hub motor.


Build the wheel

Completed 22.9.2020

A new wheel needs to be built from the scavenged spokes and rims of my old wheels.

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Balance the wheel

Completed 23.9.2020

The hub motor needs to be balanced to run smooth. This can be done with some tape and coins. This is not strictly necessary, but it is a nice touch.


Build the wooden panels

Completed 29.9.2020

The current compartment for the electronics looks ugly and can be improved. The battery needs to be secured in place and new light-weight wooden panels need to be made.

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Buy and install casette

Completed 02.10.2020

The Hub motor comes with a casette mount for the pedal chain. I only have freewheels however, so I'll have to buy and install this.


Install hall sensors and setup FOC

Completed 09.10.2020

The power of the hub motor is decent, but performance could probably be improved by adding position sensors to the wheel and by using Field Oriented Control (FOC).

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Add BMS to the battery

Completed 03.11.2020

I bought a BMS for the battery that I have a while ago. However, the BMS was faulty. I have a new one that I have been meaning to install for a while. It's finally installed now 😊

Install battery-run lights

Completed 06.12.2020

There are lights on the bike that have their own battery, but why not run them off the bike's battery 😁 I got a 12V motorbike headlight and LED rear light from banggood along with a 12V regulator

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Battery-Run Lights


Initial Testing

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