• Kevin McAndrew


Battery-Run Lights

The old lights on my bike were just plain Jane bike lights from halfords. They are liable to be easily stolen, run out of internal battery and they aren’t very bright. I decided to replace these lights with more substantial lights that run from the 50V battery.

The old clip-on light

1. Headlight 🤯 💡

I bought a headlight from banggood for €20 which is designed for a motorbike. It is a 35W bulb which I measured to be 2.8A@12V = 33.6W. Furthermore, there are heads and dipped options.

The new headlight
Heads mode
Dips mode

I also had to make a few modifications to the headlight. 1) I added a switch to be able to switch between heads, dips and off. The switch has an o-ring that seals against the light. 2) The bracket that came with the light was designed for a motorbike which has two downpipes on the front. I had to modify this to work with the single downpipe on my bike.

The added switch

2. Rear light 🍑 💡

The new back light is a 12V LED red light. I just zip-tied it underneath the seat so that it’s protected from water and impacts.

The new rear light

3. 12V Regulator ⚡

I added a 12V 3A regulator that can regulate the ~50V battery. The device is an automotive spec regulator. The reason I chose this regulator is because it was the cheapest one I could find (€7.50). Car parts are some of the most affordable parts available because they have and wide range of uses and they’re made in large quantities.

The 12V buck converter that regulates all 12V devices

4. Final Product 😍