Charging Connector

Charging Connectors 🔌

There are a number of charging connectors

The options for different types of connectors are as follows:

The ESB in Ireland support three different types of connectors:

  1. DC CHADEMO: (Nissan Leaf, Mitsubishi)
  2. CCS COMBO: (BMW, Volkswagen, Hyundai)
  3. AC 43: (Renault Zoe)
The three connectors supported by the ESB


DC chargers can usually deliver more power than AC chargers. This is because an onboard rectifier is not needed for DC charging because the rectifier is in the charging station itself.

Power:         400kW (DC)
Voltage:       Max 500V
Current        Max 125A
Communication: CAN

CCS Combo

“The CCS combines single-phase with rapid three-phase charging using alternating current at a maximum of 43 kilowatts (kW), as well as direct-current charging at a maximum of 200 kW and the future perspective of up to 350 kW – all in a single system.” - taken from the CCS combo specification 1.0 at: spec 1.0.

Charging modes:

Mode 1:

Mode 2:

Mode 3:

Mode 4:

Power:         Max 43kW (AC) / Max 350kW (DC)
Voltage:       Max 500V
Current        Max 125A
Communication: PWM / PLC

AC 43