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Prius repairs


The Prius has a few problems that must be fixed in order to make it road worthy. Here is a list of everything to be repaired:

Major mechanical repairs ⚠️

  • Steering rack
  • Bushings
  • New tyres

The steering rack is the most evident problem. There is at least a 30 degree angle that the steering wheel can be rotated through without any steering! The local mechanic also recommended to replace the worn bushings and tyres.

Minor cosmetic repairs 💅

  • Driver seat cover repair (Holes covered by teddies)
  • Centre armrest piece is secured with velcro because of broken clip
  • Back left bumper panel broken and bent in above wheel arch
  • Right overhead light switch is dodgy
  • Fix lever at the right of the driver seat

Fig 2.1 The holes in the seat that were covered by teddies that were glued on

Other modifications 🔩

  • Make low voltage battery easier to remove
  • Turn off beeping when reversing
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