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Fully Electrified Prius


The initial idea was to take use two scrapped cars to make a new and improved one. An electric car scrapped for structural damage could give cheap electronics and an ICE non-runner would provide a new home for the electronics. Before we do this however, we want to start smaller. Let’s convert a Prius to all-electric. Along the way we have to get a Prius, do some mechanical work, convert to plug in hybrid, hack inverter and finally convert to full electric.



Acquire Prius 💰

Completed 11.8.2020

First of all, we need a Prius! We managed to find a fantastic deal on DoneDeal.

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Make into a roadworthy Hybrid Vehicle 🔧

In progress

The Prius we got has some issues with it. The steering rack is loose and very dangerous, there are many cosmetic faults and there is other maintenance like new tyres and bushings that must be completed.

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Convert prius to a Plug-in Hybrid Vehicle 🔌

Not started

Now that we have a roadworthy Prius, we can convert the car to a Plug-in Hybrid. The battery in the Prius is too small, so this must be modified. A charger is needed to charge said battery also. All this must be done while keeping the rest of the car happy :D

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Remove ICE and convert to all-electric ⚡⚡⚡

Not started

We should have a Plug-in Hybrid Vehicle by now. This means that the battery system in the car should be suitable for charging and running on all-electric power for long distances. The Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) can be removed. Now that the engine is removed, both motors can be used to drive the car. We need to maximise the power from these motors also.


Charging Connector

Prius repairs

Buying a Prius

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