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Web Interface Working


Flight test report

Tuesday 1.9.2020 11:26


  • New access point web interface worked very well
  • All parameters worked
  • It wasn't wet :D
  • Airspeed works and appears to be altitude agnostic (shortlived flights don't give good data)


  • The plane kept leaning left
    • Integral barely helped any leaning
    • Integrated while in my hand
    • Plane seems to be balanced (at least very roughly)
  • The plane either nose-dived or stalled
  • Oscillation occured during flights
  • Gusts of wind caused plane to go out of control


The actual web interface for the plane is working very very well. I changed the wifi station type to an access point type so that I can connect to the plane instead of the plane connecting to my phone when it decides to. This system works much better and allows for more stable datalogging and connection.

However, the flight characteristics of the plane were very poor. I believe either some tuning is badly needed, or a rework of the control system altogether. Perhaps more high frequency datalogging might give insights into plane characteristics and make it easier to tune.

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